Baker Mayfield Hanging Up On Brett Favres Agent Is Why People Hate Him

Baker Mayfield hanging up on Brett Favres agent is a classic example of why he is so unbearable to so many people.

Oklahoma Die Hards reported the following on the conversation:

“Bus Cook, Brett Favres agent, great story. Every agent does the same thing, they give their résumé, what theyre about, all this stuff,” Mayfield said. “Finally, when he was about to give me a chance to talk, he asked, So, when did Bob Stoops start recruiting you? And I said Excuse me? and then he repeated the question.”

“I just said I gotta go and then I hung up. Its like, if youre going to pursue a guy and say that you want him and you want to be that guy thats going to be there for him, why not do your research?”

Why is does Baker Mayfield go so far out of his way to make people hate him? This was such an unnecessary stunt to pull. Theres literally no reason at all for him to behave this way. What hes implying here is that Bus Cook, one of the most powerful agents in the history of sports, was unaware that he started out at Texas Tech.

How does Mayfield not know Cook was referring to the recruitment after deciding to transfer? I guess well never know the answer to that question because he hung up on him after assuming Cook was ignorant on his playing history.

Lets just assume for a second that Cook honestly didnt know about Texas Tech being in Mayfields history. Does that really make him unqualified to make Mayfield a very rich man? The man is considered a top ten agent in the world.

Mayfield has all the talent in the world, but hes really going to need to stop rubbing people the wrong way. Just go play some football and knock of the unnecessary antics.

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