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Keep calm & blame Russia: RTs story of inconvenient facts surrounding Skripal saga (VIDEO)

If countless Russia-bashing pieces dont help you get the big picture of the lingering Skripal saga, a report by RTs Murad Gazdiev may. He scrutinized the major slipups in the UK governments (and their pundits) narrative.

It is “highly likely” that Russia deployed a deadly weapons-grade toxin to poison former double agent Sergei Skripal. Porton Down, the UKs leading chemical research lab, says there is “no doubt” the toxin was Novichok-class nerve agent developed by the Soviet Union. And Russia surely did it, because the very word Novichok is Russian for newcomer.

RTs Murad Gazdiev examines the stunning discrepancies that emanate from the Skripal case, as the blame game against Moscow continues.

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The report includes commentary from renowned chemical weapon experts, both Russian and Western-based, who told RT the formula of Novichok-class agents is actually an open secret as any – yes, you heard it right – laboratory in the world may produce the same substance with the same degree of purity. Moreover, the pace at which the UK authorities identified the poison used on the Skripals raises even more questions.

Watch RTs report in full here.

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