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Morrisseys done another interview and here are the only 7 things you need to know

Morrisseys done another interview and these people have read it so you dont have to.

Thank goodness for that.


Incredibly hard to pick a favourite bit of that vile Morrissey interview, but I'm going with his intrepid surveillance of egg stock levels in supermarkets

— Laura Snapes (@laurasnapes) April 17, 2018


And, with this, Morrissey finally goes full Yer Da.

— Jamie Ross (@JamieRoss7) April 17, 2018


Morrissey yearning for the good old days of the Krays. Good British murders. Gangs with shirts and ties, stabbings and shootings in pubs with Union Jack bunting and a Queen Vic bust on the bar. Pint glass in somebody's face. Roll on Brexit!

— Limmy's Vines Tour (@DaftLimmy) April 17, 2018


colour me shocked that morrissey uses diane abbott as his example for his hatred of (westminster) politics

— eggy beard (@edknock) April 17, 2018


Morrissey interview in which he 1) tries on the old Hitler was left wing stuff 2) claims Halal meat certification can only be done by Isis supporters 3) assets Sadiq Khan cannot speak properly and 4) spouts some mad UKIP balls about acid attacks.

— John Niven (@NivenJ1) April 17, 2018



— Mark Gillies (@5goalthriller) April 17, 2018



— Andrew Trendell (@AndrewTrendell) April 17, 2018

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