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Jeremy Hunt broke anti-money laundering rules – the only 6 responses you need

Jeremy Hunt has apologised for an honest mistake after he forgot to declare the purchase of seven luxury flats.

The health secretary with a fortune of £14m failed to declare a business interest with both Companies House and the parliamentary register of MPs interests.

EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Hunt admits breaking Government's own rules over company he used to purchase seven luxury flats

— Anna Mikhailova (@AVMikhailova) April 12, 2018

EXCL: The Health Secretary has apologised to Parliamentary authorities over breaching rules on declaring financial interests

— Anna Mikhailova (@AVMikhailova) April 12, 2018

EXCL: Jeremy Hunt has also made 2 breaches of the Companies Act: one concerns anti-money laundering law brought in by the Tories in 2016. Both breaches are criminal offences, punishable by a fine or up to 2 years in prison.

— Anna Mikhailova (@AVMikhailova) April 12, 2018

Jeremy Hunt said the Companies Act breaches were the result of an “honest mistake” by his accountant. He has apologised to Parliamentary authorities for the further breach of MP rules.

— Anna Mikhailova (@AVMikhailova) April 12, 2018

Sir Alistair Graham, the former chair of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, said about Jeremy Hunts breaches: “It is a very poor show when ministers, who you expect to take leadership in standards and public life, do not meet the rules they are required to meet.”

— Anna Mikhailova (@AVMikhailova) April 12, 2018

If Jeremy Hunt doesnt face consequences for the errors made in his Companies House records, this could suggest there is “one rule for the political elite and another rule for the rest of the population” says former HouseofCommons standards watchdog Sir Alistair Graham

— Anna Mikhailova (@AVMikhailova) April 12, 2018

And here are the only 5 responses you need.


Jeremy Hunt needs to stand down. If its seemingly such a struggle to remember buying 7 luxury flats, then hes probably not best placed to be Health Secretary either.

— Dr Lauren Gavaghan *Standing for BMA Council* (@DancingTheMind) April 13, 2018


“I missed my benefits appointment because I had an epileptic seizure”

“No money for you then ya prick, get the fuck out of my office”

“I forgot I owned 7 luxury flats – honest mistake!”

“We all do that Jeremy, there will of course be no consequences.”

— James Felton (@JimMFelton) April 13, 2018


Millionaire Jeremy Hunt just admitted breaching anti-money laundering laws, brought in by the Tories, when he set up a company to buy 7 luxury flats. He should've declared his stake within 14 days, or face up to 2 years in prison. He left it 6 months, but it's OK, he said sorry.

— Rachael (@Rachael_Swindon) April 13, 2018


Come on, cut Jeremy Hunt some slack!

We've all set up a property firm, bought 7 LUXURY flats, "forgotten" to declare your 50% stake, then dodged a 2 year jail sentence by saying it was an "honest mistake", haven't we?

— The Satire Party ? (@TheSatireParty) April 13, 2018


Which of us hasn't, at some point, forgotten that we've bought 7 luxury flats?

— Russ (@RJonesUX) April 13, 2018


"We've bought seven luxury flats in Southampton by mistake!"

— hinge_Xanderl (@hinge_xanderl) April 13, 2018


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