Peach to start using AI to offer customer service in seven languages

Peach Aviation Ltd has announced that its customer response service on the Peach website, the automated response system “Desse” provided by SCSK ServiceWare Corp, which is dedicated for chats through the use of AI and has been offered in Japanese, has now become available in all the languages spoken at Peach destinations (Japanese, English, traditional and simplified Chinese, Cantonese, Korean, and Thai).

This will be the first time that automated chat features that leverage AI and are available in seven languages, including Japanese and English, will be offered by an airline in Japan.

Peach introduced “Desse” for its automated Japanese chat feature on its website in a bid to improve its customer responses in November 2013 and began offering an automated response service for questions received from customers on its website. With a backdrop of rapidly increasing inbound demand in recent years in line with the expansion of its international routes, Peach has revamped “Desse” in a major way to offer smooth responses for customer inquiries from Asia and is now offering service in all the languages that are spoken at its destinations.

The system accumulates patterns of questions that are received from customers through their smartphones or PCs as data which may be periodically reviewed and analyzed to improve the quality of Peach’s customer responses in a continuous manner.

Out of approximately 100,000 inquiries received in seven languages during a trial month period (between Dec 22, 2017 and Jan 24, 2018), the system was able to offer automatic responses for 87% of the queries. The automated chat feature uses AI and also contributes to workstyle reform by improving work efficiency, including a reduction in the number of hours worked by operators at the Contact Center. Peach and SCSK ServiceWare said they will continue to push forward their innovation leveraging AI as they aim for further improvements in customer satisfaction.

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